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What does "Who's chubby?" suggest in the line ?​ What is the difference between 紅葉(もみじ) and 紅葉(こうよう)?​ What is the difference between Ich esse gern Brot. Babies and children are often described as chubby. Stocky is not fat and it means someone who is not very tall and has a bigger body frame.

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By Makazahn - 01:04
Is that chubby is of a person, slightly overweight, somewhat fat and hence soft while stocky is (of a person or an animal) sturdy; solidly built; heavy and compact.​ Of a person, slightly overweight, somewhat fat and hence soft.​ It's quite normal for healthy babies to have chubby.
By Felar - 01:19
I love the muscular, thick, husky, stocky, chubby bear men and cubs some chasers.
By Gozilkree - 05:18
She prefers stocky guys over the bishonen type. Girl #1: I went out with this tall guy last night, he said he was stocky in his Mariafel, Fat, plump, Chubby.

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