Congenital Trigger Thumb - Hand - Orthobullets - Trigger thumb in toddler

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Pediatric trigger thumb (PTT) is also called a flexion contracture of the IP joint (Picture 1).​ The thumb gets stuck in a bent (flexed) position.​ The Hand and Upper Extremity Program expertly cares for children with pediatric trigger thumb. A trigger finger or trigger thumb can get stuck in a bent or straight position and may pop or click when you try to bend or extend the digit.

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By Mikarr - 20:43
Learn about what causes Trigger Finger (also know as Trigger Thumb, Flexor Tenosynovitis, or Stenosing Tenosynovitis) & options at Children's Colorado.
By Fauran - 05:44
Learn about trigger thumb symptoms and causes from experts at Boston Children's Hospital.
By Kigalabar - 10:53
Question: What is the frequency and rate of spontaneous resolution of trigger thumb in children presenting to a university pediatric orthopedic.

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